Invention Geek – Levi Strauss?

Question from Emma R.:

Hey Geek,
Is it true that Levi Strauss has sued other jean designers over their back pocket stitches?

Hi Emma,

Yes, it is true. The Levi Strauss company filed for a trademark for the arc stitching on the back of its jeans on May 8, 1978. U.S. Trademark 1,139,254 was registered to Levi Strauss on September 2, 1980. Since 2001, the company has used the trademark to lead the apparel industry in the number of trademark infringement law suits filed. They have sued over 100 other jean manufactures for both the stitching on the back pockets and the tab sewn into the side of the pocket. Many of these law suits have been settled out of court with the competitors agreeing to no longer sell the offending jeans.

– TG

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