I get this question all the time. Sometimes the question is what is a patent plaque, other times it’s what is a patent award. In short it is an award plaque given to a company or inventor which displays their patent.

Patent plaques and patent awards come in many styles and material options. Some are hung on the wall while others stand on a desk or shelf. We even have done complete recognition walls for our corporate clients. The recognition wall consists of glass or acrylic panels attached to wire or metal post by a unique hardware display system. The glass and acrylic panels are typically imprinted with the patent number, inventors name, abstract and drawing. All panels are customizable to meet the client’s requirements.

Another question which I hear is “can I have a patent award made from my foreign patent?” The answer is yes. We have produced patent plaques and awards for numerous countries including Mexico, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Russia, Australia, China, Korea, Japan and many more. Whether it’s a United States patent, World patent, European patent or a patent from any country a patent plaque can be produced.

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