Let’s go Back to the Future! Wait, that’s today?

Doc Brown landed the DeLorean on October 21, 2015 at exactly 4.29pm! We would like to celebrate today since we only have one chance; at least that’s how the story has gone so far. If you have never watched Back to the Future™ it’s time to put this 1985 highest-grossing film on your to-do-list.

Back to the Future - Count Down to October 21, 2015

While you are thinking about time travel today, checkout these eccentric inventions we’ve adopted from the scientist Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown himself.

Did you know that the video calls were actually introduced in 1964 but the public simply didn’t share any interest? The first video calls had to be scheduled in advance and fifteen minutes of screen time would cost up to what now equals to be about $120! Read the whole story while your here: Timing is Everything: The First Transcontinental Video Call